Dr. Albert is an engaging and knowledgeable parent education speaker. He is equally effective in speaking to groups large and small. Thanks to his varied experience, Dr. Albert relates personally and professionally to pretty much any issue or topic. In his 25+ years in education, he has seen it all. Therefore, Dr. Albert brings his experience, academic perspective, and humor to help parents through the often-bewildering state of being known as parenthood.

Parent education programs at schools are perfect for a guest expert. Likewise, community centers are also excellent opportunities to bring help to parents. His blog topics are often woven into parent education. Thus, those topics make excellent presentations.

parent education speaker group presentations parenthood

Large Group Presentations

Case studies and personal experience always frame parent education speaking engagements. Parent education presentations cover topics such as Child and Adolescent Development, Failure, Resilience, Behavior, and Family Dynamics. Dr. Albert tailors group presentations to the needs of the parents. There’s always time for Q & A. Therefore, parents always have the chance to bring up issues of importance. He has presented to parents countless times in person and is equally skilled with Zoom presentations.

parent education speaker group presentations parenthood

Conversation Facilitation

Sometimes smaller group presentations are most effective. For example, conversations come from a supportive place, and leave room for what parents need. Likewise, conversations can also be focused on specific topics if desired. Dr. Albert runs parent coffees, Zoom meetings, and works with parents who need that extra support. As a result, parents respond extremely well to small group conversations. Parenthood can be difficult. Parents need the support that group facilitation provides.

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