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Dr. Albert’s education consulting is a valuable tool for school and organizational leadership. He has decades of experience in education and nonprofits. As a result, his real-life experiences inform his education consulting work. For instance, his work founding and running two K-8 charter public schools gives him a unique perspective. In addition, his experience as a teacher and administrator at an independent 7-12 school enhances his deep knowledge. Moreover, he has taught at the UCLA School of Graduate Education and Information Studies, UCLA Extension, and Hebrew Union College.

The philosophy of Dr. Albert’s consulting is simple. School and nonprofit leaders need to be supported in their decision-making and leadership. Being able to reflect on decisions (and even mistakes) is the key to excellent leadership.

Board Development

School and nonprofit boards are the key to an organization’s success. As a result, excellent governance can make all the difference in the effectiveness and health of school leadership. Many boards haven’t benefited from meaningful training and development. Importantly, this can lead to haphazard operations and decision-making. Education consulting may include board philosophy, budgeting/finance, strategic planning, hiring leaders, and more.

Leadership Consulting

School heads and nonprofit directors can feel isolated. Therefore, having a coach to learn from and lean on is invaluable. Above all, learning how to reflect on one’s leadership leads to growth and long term success. Investing in leadership can certainly help with proactive decisions, strategic thinking, employee retention, and personal development. Leadership consulting can include topics such as budgeting, people management, board relations, and more.