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A young man goes the distance after his parents’ mysterious murder.

When young Bobby Blume arrives home late one night to discover his parents’ blood-splattered bodies, police brand the midsummer tragedy a murder-suicide. But despite the couple’s long history of domestic abuse, one detective isn’t convinced, suspecting the boy himself may be the real killer. Unanswered questions about the double slayings linger into the fall when the enigmatic teenager transfers to Halcyon High School and is immediately targeted by a trio of bullies. When the school is shaken by an internet post threatening Halcyon with bloodshed and violence, the bullied Blume becomes a prime suspect. But Bobby is also a gifted athlete, finding solace in long distance running and an unlikely ally in high school teacher Mitchell Grey, a thirteen year veteran of the classroom trenches. In the end it’s left to Grey to uncover the truth about the troubled teen and, in an action-packed finale, come to terms with the broken pieces of his own life in An Educated Guess.

A must-read for anyone who has ever taught in a high school – or attended one.

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